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Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s largest airline. Operating one of Europe’s youngest and most fuel-efficient aircraft fleets, SWISS provides direct flights from Zurich and Geneva that keep Switzerland connected with Europe and the world. Its Swiss WorldCargo division further offers an extensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high-value and care-intensive consignments.

Solving a complex grid of multi mobility  

Until now, fleet management at the airport was associated with a high level of administrative effort. AZOWO digitized all processes and now maps them in a user-friendly way. In addition, AZOWO enables a fast user access option by connecting Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Thus, the fleet administrators are granted access to all vehicle data at any time, including that of special aerospace vehicles.


Multi API 


Are you ready to accelerate your aerospace business?

Creating a clear understanding of investment, technology, resource and partnership requirements to build a successful mobility solution. 

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