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Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ) operates as a modern service provider in the municipal and commercial sector.

For the city of Jena, tasks of waste disposal, fee and contribution collection, street cleaning, lighting, planning, administration, monitoring, maintenance, area management, monitoring of traffic constructions and winter services are taken over.

AZOWO's software solution, coupled with intelligent real-time vehicle data from the installed telematics, ensures the readiness of the vehicles at all times.

It is ensured that the required special vehicles from Komunalservice Jena are serviced at regular intervals and are thus always available to the employees in full working order. The digital vehicle file records all relevant data and always keeps the fleet manager up to date. The sophisticated booking system also ensures that the vehicles are always perfectly utilized with the help of an algorithm. Employees praise the smooth, smart process and appreciate the digital fleet solution from AZOWO. 

Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm is a Bavarian district town with an area of 92 square kilometers and a population of 26000. In 2019, the municipal utilities, together with AZOWO, launched the mobility project for its citizens. 


AZOWO thereby ensures a simple booking process for the citizens, as well as the entire fleet management for the customer. By storing price lists and various tariffs in the platform, Stadtwerke Pfaffenhofen is able to invoice rentals to its customers. AZOWO makes sharing possible not only for cars, but also for bicycles, cargo bikes and scooters. A sharing garage was built in Pfaffenhofen especially for this purpose, with intelligent access via RFID.

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