Peter and Andreas met back in 2005 and gathered experience in the areas of carsharing and fleet management while working together for a respected automobile rental agency. In 2011, they moved on together to a carsharing provider, where they met Patric, who himself had also moved from a position with a large software manufacturer to the carsharing branch. That’s where they came up with the joint idea to build a corporate carsharing system. After drawing up a functional specification and developing the software, they went in search of capital and encountered Uwe Horstmann. The latter introduced them to several Business Angels, five of whom they were able to win over for their product. In 2015, they then received the first investment sums from their angels. When the product finally became presentable, the venture capital companies Chancenkapital Biberach of the Kreissparkasse Biberach and the MBG Baden-Württemberg GmbH also joined as investors in October 2016. In June 2018, the Berlin-based risk investor Project A – led by Biberach’s own Uwe Horstmann among others – also came on board.



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