Your data is in safe hands with AZOWO. We use nothing but the most modern technologies and make a point of storing and processing all your data in Germany, known and admired around the world for its strong privacy regulations.

Data Security

Servers located in Germany

Our servers are ISO certified and all data processing is done in accordance with German data protection law.

Full adherence to GDPR

You can rest easy about your privacy as we follow the law to the letter.

Data Encryption

Our databank is securely encrypted and all data are transferred via an SSL connection.

Data Protection

Roles & Rights

You determine the rights for your employees and which data they can access with just a few clicks.

Vehicle Data

Fleet managers get all relevant data in one convenient place, without infringing on the privacy of their drivers.

Private Mode

Our telematics don’t send any GPS data in private mode, so that private trips stay private.

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Contact us to learn more about data safety and protection at AZOWO. We would be happy to advise you personally and answer all your questions about our solutions.

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