Digitalisation and Innovation for Fleets

Of fleet management software, mobility platforms and technology trends in fleet management.

Digital change is clearly noticeable everywhere. Also in fleet management. And that's a good thing. Fleet managers today expect increasingly complex tasks that can hardly be handled in their entirety without suitable software.

But what can this change be attributed to? The increasing focus on sustainability and the development of technological innovations are placing ever new demands on companies and their fleets. Think, for example, of the shortage of parking spaces in urban areas, the driving bans on diesel vehicles or how expensive an unused company car is. This results in new mobility solutions, such as car sharing, the use of electric vehicles or in-house bicycle rental, which pose enormous challenges for fleet managers.

As a result, the use of a digital software solution in fleet management is now unavoidable. It is not only important to understand what a good fleet management software must be able to do today, but also which new technologies and innovations will change the fleet in the future and how digital data processing influences fleet management.

Fleet Management Software - Digital Transformation

With a large number of mobility solutions that a company offers, there is also a considerable increase in administrative costs. Processes are becoming more and more complex and data sets larger and larger. In addition, fleet managers must always work with the most accurate data possible in order to make binding decisions and control costs effectively.

In addition to optimized cost and data transparency, the use of a digital software solution in fleet management can also significantly minimize administrative expenses and improve the utilization of the fleet, thus effectively reducing costs.

But what does a digital fleet solution have to be able to do nowadays? The answer to this question naturally depends on the size of the fleet and the mobility requirements of the company. Thus, the most important characteristic would be the adaptability to the business logic of the company that wants to manage its fleet internally with the software. But there are also some other features that should be used by default. These include:

  • transparent reporting
  • automated appointment management and control
  • a central and uncomplicated data and document management for vehicle and driver data as well as contracts, invoices, orders and quotations
  • Comprehensive interfaces to third-party providers
  • comprehensive role and rights management
  • intuitive operability

Learn more about which functions can help you to minimize your administration effort considerably, here. Further advantages and which other features provide you with special added value will also be available here shortly.

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Innovation and Technology

Especially and especially the development of innovative technologies makes the use of a digital solution for fleet management indispensable and even promotes it. Among the technological innovations that have a decisive influence on the fleet management landscape is the use of vehicles with an alternative drive, such as electric vehicles or hybrids, as well as the use of other technologies that simplify management processes, such as telematics units or RFID chips.

If you now believe that telematics technology is an old hat, you have - at least in Germany - been far from it. In fact, only every fifth company in Europe makes use of telematics boxes in its vehicle fleet. In Germany, only every tenth company with a fleet uses telematics units. Contrary to general data skepticism, telematics solutions can make fleet management much more efficient, reduce costs and considerably optimize capacity utilization. Get to know more about the advantages of using fleet telematics solutions.

How these technological developments and other electronic solutions, such as digital driver's license control, can help you optimize your fleet management will soon be available here.

Data Processing in Your Fleet

If you are thinking about commissioning or expanding your existing fleet management software, inevitably many questions will arise concerning data security, data protection and the right to privacy of your employees. And as the amount of data grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to profitably evaluate the data, keep track of it and protect it optimally. The use of a suitable digital software solution can help to remedy this situation.

You will soon be able to read here how you can better use your fleet data to optimize your fleet management, how you can ensure that your driver data is protected and how you can even better protect your employees with digital data collection than without it.

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