How A Fleet Software Can Reduce Your Administrative Effort

Did you know that fleet managers spend nearly 30% of their time handling damage? Or that fleet management in every third company is the responsibility of several people? However, this is a waste of enormous optimisation potential for companies. Find out here how fleet software can help companies significantly reduce the time spent on fleet management.

In most companies, fleet management is intransparent and inefficient. This is mainly due to the fact that companies with small fleets often do not have their own fleet management department. In addition, fleet management is divided between three out of four companies and several people - as a study by the German Fleet Management and Dataforce Association in 2017 shows.

This suggests that administration and organisation are ineffective, especially for small fleets. Professional fleet management with smart fleet software offers enormous savings potential - even with a fleet of less than 20 vehicles.

Because many of the time-consuming activities in fleet management can be considerably simplified by digital and automated processes. In order to identify the biggest time wasters and the corresponding optimization potential, a brief look at the current status quo is required.

Status Quo of Fleet Management Tasks

According to a study by the German Fleet Management Association (Bundesverband Fuhrparkmanagement), the settlement of damage almost takes up ⅓ of the time spent on fleet management. Claims settlement is therefore the most time-consuming activity. According to the study, the second most time-consuming activity is the procurement of new vehicles, which takes about ⅕ of the time. Control tasks, vehicle maintenance and pool vehicle management, on the other hand, each take about 10% of the time.

This shows that the activities in fleet management are both extensive and varied and that fleet managers run the risk of working inefficiently as a result. Especially because the two most time-consuming activities aren't usually recurring tasks on a weekly basis, such as maintenance or control tasks.

In addition, the two most time-consuming tasks mean a higher communication effort and thus again increase the risk of inefficiency. After all, a large number of stakeholders are involved, such as workshops, leasing providers and insurance companies, with whom fleet managers have to coordinate and coordinate.

Another reason for inefficient fleet management is the multitude of different systems and programs that need to be used for each activity. For example, just to process a claim, the fleet manager must telephone, search and review documents, write emails, create calendar entries, and maintain a variety of tables and lists. Vehicle procurement follows a similar pattern, but still includes the time-consuming comparison of offers. The resulting lack of data transparency means that optimization and savings potentials are often not recognized.

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Digital Processes Include Efficiency

Many companies seem to lack a common thread in fleet management - a system that structures and unifies all processes in the value chain. Fleet software with sophisticated logic can put an end to inefficiency. Digitalization of the various tasks and sub-areas can automate numerous processes, which not only minimizes administrative effort, but also creates transparency. This can be achieved with the help of the following features and solutions.

Managing Damage Digitally

Since the handling of damages in particular involves a great deal of effort, this area in particular offers enormous potential for savings. The advantage of digital claims processing using fleet software is that all the necessary documents can be found centrally in one place. Fleet managers can view the affected vehicle, the corresponding insurance conditions and the processing status of the claim with just a few clicks. AZOWO can also be used to report or create accidents and damage directly via the web portal.

Digital Task Management

Another possibility to save effort is digital task management. This is because all the tasks involved in processing a claim can be conveniently created and assigned via the web portal. Workshops, suppliers or drivers then automatically receive an e-mail. But other tasks, such as general inspections or maintenance appointments, can also be assigned in this way.

Automated Appointment Management

Since control tasks in fleet management also take up a significant part of the working time, automation can also help to work more efficiently here. With the help of automated appointment management and control, as included in AZOWO, fleet managers no longer miss appointments and are automatically reminded of the UVV, the end of leasing contracts or pending driver's license checks.

Transparent Cost Statements

EIne vehicle fleet software brings with it even more potential savings. Thanks to the structuring and standardization of all fleet data, it is possible to collect and translate it into clear statistics. Fleet managers thus receive exact damage statistics and cost statements at lightning speed in order to be able to make data-driven decisions in insurance matters.

Electronic Document Management

All digitized and automated processes are based on a central element that is essentially responsible for making fleet management more efficient. With the help of a uniform, electronic document management system, all activities can be completed more quickly and easily. With AZOWO, all documents are stored electronically and stored centrally in a cloud-based tool. Thus, all data can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. Invoices, receipts and other documents can be conveniently uploaded and the smart tool learns how to read the various layouts so that manual entry of invoice numbers, for example, is no longer necessary.

Less Effort Equals Less Expenses

A digital fleet solution can therefore make the everyday life of a fleet manager much easier. But that's not all. A study conducted by Lünendonk GmbH in 2013 also found that fleet software can reduce or otherwise optimize more than 60% of fleet costs. Because even in fleet management, time is money - and you can save both.

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