The Diverse Range of Fleet Management Tasks and Duties

Only about one in 20 companies has its own fleet management department. This clearly shows that the subject of fleet management is still neglected far too often – despite the diversity of the field of activity. Read all about the tasks and duties in fleet management and receive valuable tips for optimising day-to-day administration.

The tasks and duties of a fleet manager are still strongly underestimated in most companies. Because in the foreground stands: Fleet managers are responsible for managing, organising and controlling the company's fleet. However, many companies are unaware that this entails enormous legal and business responsibilities.

In fact, a 2017 study by the Bundesverband Fuhrparkmanagement und Dataforce (Federal Association for Fleet Management and Dataforce) showed that only 5% of companies with a fleet have their own fleet management department. For almost 70% of the companies, either the management itself or the general administration is responsible for fleet management. In addition, only about one in ten fleet managers prepares for the job through further training or education.

This indicates that the field of activity still does not receive the attention it deserves and needs. In addition, companies run the risk of running their fleet management inefficiently and intransparently due to the lack of trained specialists. But what exactly are the tasks and duties in fleet management? And how can these be optimised?

Common tasks of a fleet manager

In addition to planning and organising the smoothest possible processes in daily fleet operations, fleet managers also have enormous budget responsibility. In addition, there are considerable legal obligations as well as the responsibility to comply with strategic business objectives such as process optimisation or cost reductions.

If one now takes a closer look at the concrete activities, one has to differentiate which type of fleet is managed. In the case of permanently assigned company cars, fleet managers are often commissioned not only with the regular vehicle administration but also with the resource planning of the drivers. In companies with a car pool where the vehicles are not permanently assigned, the fleet manager is also responsible for the coordination and administration of the pool vehicles.

In general, however, the following tasks arise regularly:

  • vehicle procurement
  • organization of fleet insurance
  • maintenance of vehicles
  • claims and risk management
  • control tasks, such as driving licence controls and UVV inspections
  • coordination with cooperation partners or contractual partners
  • controlling and reporting of fleet usage
  • and general administrative tasks

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Legal Duties of a Fleet Manager

Fleet managers have to observe a whole series of legal requirements, as they have to supervise the activities of the employees as well as bear responsibility for the means of transport.

The central obligations for fleet managers arise within the framework of the keeper's liability, which is regulated in § 7 StVG. This gives rise to a number of obligations, which above all include regular inspections of vehicles and drivers. Failure to comply with these obligations can result in criminal and civil law consequences.

In general, the following checks are part of the keeper's duties:

  • checking the roadworthiness of the vehicle
  • annual driver training in accordance with accident prevention regulations (UVV)
  • and the regular driving licence control

The roadworthiness inspection is intended to guarantee road safety and consists of the main inspection, the annual vehicle inspection according to the UVV and regular visual inspections.

The keeper obligations apply to the keeper of the vehicles, who is usually the company itself or its management. If the owner's liability is transferred to the fleet manager, it is particularly important to document this transfer properly.

Additional obligations include:

  • drawing up and concluding a company car transfer agreement
  • the organisation of the insurance cover for the vehicles and the work area
  • where appropriate, compliance with driving times and rest periods for drivers

Optimized Processing

So we see that the tasks of a fleet manager are as varied as they are complex. Therefore, good planning and organization are required in order to handle upcoming tasks as efficiently as possible. Fleet managers are supported above all by digital solutions that automate various processes and can thus considerably simplify the daily routine of a fleet manager.

Intelligent Document Management

One of the central features that can significantly optimize task processing is digital document management. With software solutions such as AZOWO, all documents are stored electronically and can be managed from anywhere thanks to the cloud solution.

Digital Task Management

With the help of digital task management, fleet managers can quickly and easily assign tasks to employees, drivers or workshops. The relevant person then automatically receives a message and can mark these tasks as completed just as easily.

Digital Cost Management

Thanks to the digital storage of all data, cost management can be much faster and easier. With just a few clicks, individual cost statements and statistics can be created so that fleet managers can keep an eye on total costs at all times and quickly identify potential savings.

Due to the extensive activities and legal responsibilities of a fleet manager, it is extremely important for companies to employ trained specialists for fleet management instead of performing the tasks themselves "on the side".

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