The Transformation of Mobility

The increasing expansion of urban areas, the accompanying cultural change and the increasing demand for flexible mobility have contributed significantly to the development of new mobility solutions. Read here why owning your own vehicle is no longer the only mobility solution and how communities react to it.

The mere provision of a selection of vehicles hardly meets the increasing traffic problems in cities and the requirements of modern companies. Increasing lack of parking space in cities and traffic jams on the roads as well as energy and environmental problems will force fleet managers to rethink in the medium term.

Municipalities are already reacting to these developments: the "Carsharing Act" stipulates that areas for shared vehicles in public spaces can be allocated and exempted from parking fees. Carsharing providers can bid in a tender for the use of these parking spaces. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is responsible for this regulation. The law came into force on 1st September 2017.

In view of these developments, it will be crucial for car sharing providers in the future to deliver the highest possible quality of service and to provide situational solutions. Mobility management is therefore not the administration of a fleet, but goes beyond it - through networking with external fleets, public transport services and cooperation with communities, educational institutions and other organisations.

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The Transformation

This cultural change has its reasons – those who grew up with traffic jams and a lack of parking space have no memory of the feeling of freedom of older generations, for whom the vehicle was the best solution in every situation. The number of congested roads is increasing. In addition, the ecological arguments are established in the middle of society and the debate about particulate matter emissions brings health concerns to the fore.

This situation is countered by many positive developments – the number of solutions to this problem is increasing and many employees feel the need to be part of the solution instead of clinging to old-fashioned status symbols.

Therefore, mobility management today includes a wide range of drive technologies: Electric, natural gas and hybrid engines have been added to diesel vehicles and gasoline engines. Anyone living in the big city can book the right vehicle for a specific occasion – from an electric scooter to a removal van - with just a few clicks and access it very easily thanks to a chip card or smartphone. In addition, rail travel has become more attractive for many working people because they can work during their journey thanks to smartphones and laptops.

Innovative mobility management includes dealing with all these factors. For electric vehicles, charging stations have to be purchased and installed. Volume discounts for rail tickets can be negotiated with Deutsche Bahn, and rail passengers at their destination can also take advantage of Deutsche Bahn car sharing services. Chip cards and telematics boxes must be installed and their data recorded and managed. It is not possible to select the best offer for every occasion without digital data processing. Only powerful software can provide the right support.

Ready for The Future

AZOWO meets these challenges and uses state-of-the-art data processing methods to be prepared for the data flood of networked fleets and combinations with numerous partners. This future is not compatible with dusty files and printed forms – everything is digitized. Vehicle data is collected via telematics boxes, stored centrally at one location and evaluated for optimum vehicle utilisation. The documents of service providers are also digitally recorded. Of course, automated access to vehicles is also standard – via RFID chip or app. Finally, a clearly structured assignment of rights ensures the necessary order when you combine your fleet with other providers.

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Get to know us in the scope of a personal consultation and learn more about our products. Schedule a live demo free of charge with us and we’ll show you how you can benefit from our solutions.

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