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Energy Industry

AEW Energie AG (AEW), headquartered in Aarau, is a Swiss energy supply company. AEW supplies the cantonal territory primarily with electricity. In addition, the company operates its own hydroelectric power plants, holds interests in various power plants and provides services in the areas of heat contracting, telecommunications and power supply. 


AZOWO helps AEW Energy to automate business processes and EV fleet utilization to run a profitable electric vehicle sharing business.


SwissEcar the leading carsharing platform is 100% based on AZOWO's EV cloud and targets a nation wide customer segment. The flexibility of the AZOWO metaplatform enables AEW to operate and expand its shared mobility service throughout Switzerland. The end-to-end solution maps all processes required for the business from iOS and ADR Apps, the initial registration of users, ID checks, to energy optimized charging to payment collection.

EV Cloud 
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