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The Handtmann Group produces light metal castings and system components for the automotive industry, machinery for the food industry, stainless steel fittings and equipment for the beverage industry, power electronics equipment and high-strength parts made of engineering plastics, with annual sales of 861 million euros. In addition to the headquarters, there are further production sites in Germany, France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and China.

Digital driver checks and keyless access  

AZOWO's software helps the Handtmann Group in complete fleet management and offers a user-friendly interface for central administration of all vehicles and drivers. Modules such as document management contribute to this. AZOWO's modular platform precisely maps the customer's requirements. The keyless management of the vehicles also saves manual workflows and fits into the overall concept of the solution. 

Fast data 


Are you ready to transform your manufacturing business?

Creating a clear understanding of investment, technology, resource and partnership requirements to build a successful mobility solution. 

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