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Azowo apps and modules

The industries most advanced collection of Integrated Apps and data connections - combined with a supermodular solution easily configured to your needs


Connected Car Data

Connect BMW realtime car data from 12 million cars enabling innovative services and applications. 


Connected Car Data

Volvo provides comprehensive vehicle data points and live key figures for vehicles. 

Connected Car Data

Features functionality to monitor and control

Models S, 3, X, Y and Powerwall. 

Connected Car Data

Connect Volkswagen vehicles with your customers Car-Net or WeConnect account.

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Connected Car Data

Modern telematics for car sharing and fleet vehicles.

Cloud Based Access

Key as a Service (KaaS) solutions enables you to manage fleets without physical keys.


Connected Car Data

Connect the leading vehicle-agnostic telematics and connectivity solution: van, car, scooter or e-bike.

Live Machinery Data

Connect with the leading IoT solution in the construction industry for live machinery data. 

Connected Locks

Connected locks and door controllers to enable garage based bike or scooter sharing.


Connected Car Data

Plug and play fleet telematics and tracking solutions for all vehicles collecting rich data.  

Connected Car Data

Telematics system which meets the world's highest certifiable data protection guidelines.

Connected E-bikes

Sharing tech for bikes, e-bikes and kick-scooters. Scalable asset tracking IoT, lock & charge solutions. 

Petrol Management

Premium services covering all aspects of on-the-road supply and mobility for truck and car fleets.


Petrol Management

Single payment solution for all your mobility needs and your gateway to the largest fuel network.

Petrol Management 

Keep your drivers on track with a pan-European network of strategically located 24,000 sites

Petrol Management

UTA is a pan-European fuel card and service card specialist for commercial goods and transport. 

Active Directory SSO

Secure and seamless access for all your users and apps—from any location, using any device.

Maps & Navigation


Highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and APIs enable smart mobility.

Key Management

Traka systems enable you to secure, manage and audit the use of almost any physical asset.

Vehicle Data 

Instant and Precise Vehicle Information with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).



A fully integrated suite of payments products and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally. 

Tax compliance

Reduces the complexity of tax compliance at every stage — no matter the industry or size of business.


Digital ID Verification

Verify and onboard new customers in seconds. With Vouched ID verification, you can expand your reach.


Digital ID Verification

Verify drivers licenses, automated and GDRP compliant and facilitate drivers safety. 


Connected Car Data

Realtime car data from

2 million vehicles to track and monitor live figures and fleet performance.


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Access Tool

Manage access and users for all web, mobile and mobility applications and services.

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Block Bookings

Reserve and  manage special asset classes for a designated user group or setup.

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Booking Engine 

Define rules, goals, targets and ROI to feed AZOWO's advanced booking Algorithm.

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Card Mgmt.

Manage multiple access, payment and fuel cards for up-to-date reports.

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An automated contract management and design tool forming a complete overview.

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Cost Centers

Cost allocation and management tool reflecting your business structure and regulations.

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Cost Evaluation

Recognize outliers immediately and get informed. Everything completely automated.

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Damage Mgmt.

From documentation to notification to the settlement. Everything in one tool.

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Digital LogBook

The digital logbook in a format compliant with tax authorities. Avoid errors to save time and money. 

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The overview of all your assets and scheduled activities.

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Document Storage

A highly secure repository, for all your important assets documents linked to processes and tasks.

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Driver License 

Electronic driver's license control, legally compliant, efficient, secure and automated.

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Automated exports and reports to individuals or business groups with different permissions .

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Fuel Mgmt.

Save costs by actively managing fuel consumption and increasing overall fuel efficiency.

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Holding Mgmt.

Manage complex enterprise structures, subsidiaries or run your clients mobility services and business.

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Automate data imports and use wizards for an easy and fast set-up.

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Set up any language with our automate multi-language tool.

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News Mgmt.

Send new and updates in Portal or via App, SMS, Email and Push notification.

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Customize automated messaging for individual processes and tasks.

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Manage OneWay trip and asset planning, facilitate task automation. 

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A globally functional, fully integrated suite of apps,  payments and products. 

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Price Lists

Fully flexible pricing configuration. Choose between hours or kilometer models or weekend rates.

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Risk Tracker

Automate alerts and monitor your system for any unusual  behavior EV, fuel or driver related.   

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Create unlimited reports with fast access to all data fields from the system or use our smart templates.

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Roles & Rights

Create roles and assign rights, decide which people can see or edit what fields and functions.

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Station Mgmt.

Open stations, define rules, opening hours and operating radius according to your business needs.

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Supplier Mgmt.

Maintain an overview of all leasing, workshop suppliers and other partners of your fleet.

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Task Mgmt.

Generate automated tasks based on alerts, recurring events or any data point available.

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User Groups

Create groups and define what this group is allowed to do or us within your system. 

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User Mgmt.

Define how users are registered, onboarded and verified. 

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Vehicle Classes

With vehicle classes, you increase utilization and identify supply. Here you save money.

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A tool to simply manage and validate vignettes and toll tickets.

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VIN Wizard

Simply enter the VIN of your vehicles to retrieve all the information from manufacturer to config. 

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Voucher Mgmt.

Sell ride vouchers directly on your homepage: secure, intuitive and brand building.

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White Label Web

Web application branded with your name and logo, frequently updated and serviced. 

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White Label iOS/Adr

Native iOS&Android mobility  application branded with your name and logo. 

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