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AZOWO is a German technology company that offers the leading cloud software for mobility. Unique is the combination of fleet management, car and bike sharing as well as e-mobility on one platform. The focus is on products that can be operated intuitively with automated processes, algorithm-based decisions and within  sustainability context.

The Cloud Software for Mobility Professionals

AZOWO's cloud software enables companies, cities and municipalities to offer innovative mobility applications and services in a fast and effective way. Foremost to be prepared for the challenges of the EV transformation. Live data plus plug & play software implemented in powerful applications.

The AZOWO platform is an all-in-one solution with 100% data protection. It records and optimizes vehicle fleets and sharing fleets down to the last detail - for transparency in the fleet to implement enormous potential for cost savings and process optimization in the long term. For cultural change in

the company, employee motivation to change mobility behavior and to protect the environment.

We change the ecosystem of corporate and public mobility.


Britta Braig

Press Officer & Director Marketing


Dear journalists,

Welcome to the AZOWO press information.

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Britta Braig. I am your expert at AZOWO GmbH for all press, PR and media issues. I coordinate interview and expert inquiries as well as podcast and roundtable participation.

Maybe we know each other from my previous jobs in the automotive business. At AZOWO our topics are all related to corporate mobility, sharing models, savings, company culture and sustainability implications.

I look forward to our exchange!



Yours, Britta Braig

Tel.: +49 151 51 209 231
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Press release dated 08/08/2023

AZOWO debut at the IAA MOBILITY from September 5th until 8th, 2023

AZOWO Best Practises

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